Commercial Move Planning - Core Movers

Checklist For Planning Corporate Office Moves

Corporate Relocation Preparation

As a corporate relocation specialist, I can tell you first hand that a little bit of prep work and planning goes a LONG way. I can’t tell you how many sites that I’ve walked onto where there was complete pandemonium, making it very difficult to get the wheels turning.

This isn’t just frustrating though, it’s an incredible waste of resources to book movers/installers if they essentially can’t get the job done due to poor organization. When planning your next corporate move, spend a bit of time considering the following to ensure an efficient and effective relocation.

1. Building Access Restrictions

Every building operates in a slightly different way. Understanding what is and isn’t possible from a operations/logistics standpoint, will help you plan your both your departure and arrival. Why is this important? Sometimes clients will book their movers/installers without talking to building operations first, only to find out that they can’t actually access the building at X time or on X day. The first step to any external office relocation services is definitely to navigate building access implications.

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2. Freight Elevator Bookings

This goes hand in hand with building access, but it is absolutely critical to the move. You might find out that the freight is only available between X and Y times, for example, or that it is already in use when you had planned on moving. Again, every building is different, so please be sure to check with the operations department in advance of booking other resources. This can make all the difference for move efficiency.