Bison Meat - A Cut Above The Rest

Why You Should Buy Bison Instead of Other Meat?

Many people find it stressful to be a meat-lover and have to follow a low-calorie diet. Low-calorie meat and meat are contradictory, at least that is the common belief. People who want to replace their favorite meat with a lower-calorie alternative would be well advised to look into bison meat.

Many Western-themed restaurants offer bison dishes. Ted’s Montana Grill was founded by Ted Turner, a media mogul. It specializes in hand-cut beef cuts and bison steaks. There are locations across sixteen states. Popular tourist attractions include the Bison Bistro and Bison Grill located in Utah’s Zion National Park.

a lower-calorie alternative meat

These restaurants will often offer specialties such as roasted bison, grilled bison, and a small portion of mashed potato. They also have bison burger types like Salisbury steak, Bison steak with French fries, and bison steak with lots of raw onion toppings.

Bison meat, especially when it is almost-raw, is very popular. Canadian Bison meat is a great choice for those who don’t like the taste of other meats. It doesn’t require much seasoning, unlike meat from other animals.

It is easy to prepare the meat by scoring it only on the surface. Then, rub some olive oil and salt onto the meat and you’re ready for cooking. Bison meat is much quicker to cook than regular beef. To lock in the flavor, sear both sides and you are done.

Bison meat is the only meat that has the three Ts: Texture, Tenderness, and Taste. Bison meat is more sweet than chicken, pork, or cow beef. It is also lighter and less greasy. Bison meat doesn’t need any tangy gravy. This is because gravy for meat can be high in calories.

Some interesting statistics show that bison meat is healthier than other types of meat. Bison meat has approximately 70%-90% less fat and about 50% less cholesterol than beef.

It doesn’t contain any harmful fats so it contains more protein, iron and omega nutrients than many people are advised to eat in the form of raw fish and vegetables. It’s also suitable for people who eat low-carbohydrate meals. Four-ounces of the product contain no carbs, 11g of protein and 3 percent total fat.

It also contains good fat, which is a monounsaturated oil known as omega-3 fat acids. This type of fat is known to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and prevents heart disease. The American Heart Association has endorsed bison meat and doctors have recommended it for patients who are on a low-fat, low calorie diet.

Bison are raised in their natural environment in open fields. They are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemical feeds that could cause cancer.

Bison are only fed natural grains and green pasture, which gives them a strong natural resistance to disease. Their meat is also free from harmful chemicals. The bison’s meat, which is fed on natural grains and grass, is far superior to that of cow, dog, or chicken meat in many ways.

Bison steaks, soups and stews are now available in many restaurants. You can find bison meat in many supermarkets, and on many websites. It is a delicious, nutritious, tasty, and easy way to enjoy meat.