If I Have Lived In The USA For Ten Years Can I Get A Green Card?

If  I Have Lived In The USA For Ten Years Can I Get A Green Card?

The short answer to whether you can get a green card after living in the U.S. for 10 years is yes. However, getting a green card based on how much time you have spent in this country is easier said than done.

The Solution

The remedy you may seek to get a green card after living in the U.S. for a prolonged period comes in the form of “Cancellation of Removal”. Formerly referred to as Suspension of Deportation, this provision gives you the ability to submit an application requesting that your immigration status be changed from “deportable alien” to one who is legally granted permanent residency.

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What’s important to note is that you can use this alternative as an undocumented resident only if you are already going through Immigration Court proceedings, and are trying to fight against deportation. It is important to note that you should not try to get picked up by immigration authorities simply to get into removal proceedings so you may use this remedy, as you might end up getting deported.

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What If You Meet These Conditions?

Simply meeting the required conditions does not guaranty that you will get a green card through your Cancellation of Removal application. Your immigration attorney still needs to convince the presiding judge that you are a suitable candidate for permanent residency, although the eventual decision rests with the judge.

What Should You Do?

If you have an existing case in the Immigration Court, have lived in the U.S. for at least 10 years, and can show that you are a responsible and law abiding person, you might be able to get a green card by using the Cancellation of Removal remedy. Find out just how strong your case is by contacting an immigration lawyer specialist now.

The Conditions You Need To Meet

The requirements you need to meet in order to get your green card through Cancellation of Removal include:

  • You have continually lived in the U.S. for 10 years or more
  • If you are deported, it will cause extreme and unusual hardship to one or more of your relatives living in the U.S. as citizens or permanent residents
  • You have not broken certain laws and have not been convicted of certain crimes
  • You can prove you have good moral character

You might be eligible to file your petition within two years of your abuser’s death, or within two years from the date of your divorce ruling. In case your abuser loses his/her residency status because of domestic violence, you may submit your petition without worrying about any time limit.