Let’s Save Money On Your Next Video Production Project

Let’s Save Money On Your Next Video Production Project

Video Production project can get expensive quickly if you don’t know what you are looking for or are new to it. We’ve put together five essential tips you need to know before launching your next project.

Tip 1: Take On the Producer Role

If it’s a simple and straightforward project and you know what you want, let the production company know that you will handle the producing side of it. This means that you will likely take care of the script, scheduling, various communication, emails, phone calls, necessary shot lists, logistical planning, research (i.e. location), essential budgeting, location scouting etc. It’s a little more work, but you can save the producer costs if budget is an issue. By this you can save money on your video project.

Tip 2: Make Multiple Videos Out of One Shoot

This is an excellent way to hit two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. Book the crew at the video content production company for a full day and plan to shoot multiple videos. This may require a little extra thought and planning, but it certainly makes use of your budget. For example, say you are planning on interviewing the CEO or marketing manager for an ‘about us’ video. Aside from the content needed for that, ask them a few extra questions at the end for another video.

This only takes a few minutes and saves costs on bringing the crew in for an extra day. Also, plan on getting a couple of relevant shots while you’re at it to complete the video.

Tip 3: Prioritize Effective Budgeting and Call Around

Do your homework by calling around to get multiple quotes. If budget is important to you then you need to spend the time talking to different producers on the phone, getting to know the fine details of pricing and analyzing where you can save money. Besides the pricing aspect, you also get to know a few different production companies and find out who the friendliest and most helpful producers are. You can also check for the digital marketing agency for your video content. These will be your go-to people down the line when you’re ready to get your project going.

Tip 4: Make Micro-Videos for Social Media

Social Media Short Video

Like tip 2, this is all about planning ahead and getting extra footage to make more branded video content. Micro-content refers to videos that are short and can stand alone on social media. They might be 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes. A basic example could be a seasonal greeting like a Christmas wish or an update like thanking the customers for their support during COVID-19. There are so many variations. You could post a video that explains how to use a product or post a few Q&A’s with one of your experts. Social media content is essential, so be sure to plan for that.

Tip 5: Be the Assistant

Videographers often need an assistant to help them on the day of filming so they can fully focus on creating quality imagery. If someone in your company can do simple tasks like carrying equipment or setting up lighting stands, they can certainly help out. They don’t need any special skills as such, they just need to be someone reliable and helpful. This will also cut your production costs.

If you would like further tips on how to save money on your next video production project, please call 1300 855 218 and talk with one of our producers.